How to cancel order in Meesho

Buyed Something from Meesho that is not useful? and want to cancel it without any Cancelation Charges? But don’t know How to Do. At that situation the Most Common question arise in our mind is “How to cancel order in Meesho“. Is the Same question is with you too?

IF Yes, then you don’t need to worry as this whole article is dedicated to your single query that is How to cancel order in Meesho. So if interested, then make sure to read all the steps carefully as missing one single step can lead you to trouble. So make sure to Read all the Steps Carefully.

But before we Cancel, you should Check out –

Meesho order cancellation charges

If you are cancelling any order in Meesho, then you are totally Safe from any Charges. As Meesho takes care for their Buyer’s Every Single needs, hence Meesho also Takes Care for the Cancellation Charges. In Short, you don’t have to pay any Single Rupees for your Order Cancellation in Meesho.

Ways – How to cancel order in Meesho

To Cancel your Order in Meesho, we are having two easy ways that are –

  1. Canceling Order by Mobile App
  2. Canceling Order by Website

Both the Ways are completely different and can be used in different situations. Like If you are wishing to Cancel your Order By Meesho app then you can follow the First Method. But if you want to cancel order through Website or Customer Support then you can follow the second Method.

You can open way, which means you can choose, which ever method you feel comfortable.

How to cancel order in Meesho by Mobile App

Follow the Below steps to cancel your Meesho Order By Mobile App:

  • Step 1. Go to Play Store or App Store
  • Step 2. Download the Application “Meesho”
  • Step 3. After Downloading, Login to your account.
  • Step 4. Then on the Home Screen, You will see Orders Menu, on the Bottom of your Device.
  • Step 5. Choose, the product which you want to refund.
  • Step 6. Here Under your Product Description, you will see a Cancellation Button.
  • Step 7. Just Tap on that Cancellation Button and they will ask you for the reason for cancellation of your order.
  • Step 8. Submit your Reason and at last Click on the “Cancel Order” Button and your Order will be cancelled.

One Short on How to cancel order in Meesho

Open Meesho app >> Click on the Orders Menu available on the Bottom of your Device >> Click on the Product that you want to cancel >> Now, Here under the Product description >> You will see a Cancel button >> Tap on it and it will ask you for the reason of cancellation >> Answer the Reason and Click on the Cancel Order button.

All done, your order will be cancelled and if you had made the payment before then it will be refund to you by your Payments method.

How to cancel order in Meesho By Website

Follow the Below Steps to Cancel your Meesho Order By Website:

  • Step 1. Go to your Computers Browser (Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or any Other)
  • Step 2. Visit the Meesho Official Website i.e.,
  • Step 3. Log in to your Account
  • Step 4. Here after Login in, you will see a Orders Menu.
  • Step 5. Click on it and it will redirect you to all your orders.
  • Step 6. Select that order that you want to Cancel.
  • Step 7. Under that Product description, you will see a Cancel Button, Just Click on it.
  • Step 8. They will ask you for the reason for cancellation, answer it and again click on the Cancel Order Button and your Order Will be Cancelled.

How to cancel order in Meesho Before Delivery?

If you find the same order product at cheaper rate. Then you are free to Cancel your Order but if the order is shipped and then you wish to cancel. Then Sorry, you can’t cancel it now.

But you refuse to accept the order at the time of delivery. For which you can request the delivery boy to cancel the Delivery and your Order will be Cancelled.

Here a Question arise is that –

What if you had made the payment?

If You had made your payment and do want to accept the order, then you order will be cancel and your payment will be refund to your Payment Gateway.

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FAQ’s Based on Canceling Order In Meesho

1. How to cancel order in Meesho?

How to cancel order in Meesho – Open the Meesho App >> Click on the Orders Meu >> Select the Order which you want to Cancel >> Here Click on the Cancel Button >> Answer the Reason, Why you want to cancel the order >> Submit answer and Click on “Cancel Order” Button and your Order will be cancelled.

2. What is the delivery time of Meesho?

If you had buy Ordered product from meesho, then it will be delivered to you with in 4-5 Working Days. But sometimes, due to any technical issue it can take 10-15 Working Days.

3. How will I get my Refund on Meesho, if order cancelled before Delivery.

If you had cancelled any product on meesho, which you had made the payment. Then you payment will be refunded By your Payment method, either it is UPI, Bank Transfer, Paytm Waller or any other.

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