How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone – Want to use your Jio Phone SIM in your SmartPhone but don’t know how to use it? If the same situation is with you too. Then you should appreciate me. Now here is a question that can arise in your mind why you should appreciate me?

The reason for appreciating me is that I am having two bulletproof methods through which I am going to share with you in this article based on How to use Jio Phone SIM in smartphones. So if you are interested then make sure to read both methods carefully.

Now, without wasting your time let’s start, but before it here’s a short overview of Jio Phone.

About JIO Phone?

Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

JIO Phone is an Indian ICO company that offers free and unlimited calling and data. There are three types of JIO Phone- Airtel 4G VoLTE enabled 3G handset (with 2 years of complimentary service), 4G LTE handset with 3GB data (for Rs. 1,999/-), and 4GB unlimited internet access for four months with 100 minutes for any local number across India at Rs. 349/-.

How to place Jio Phone sim in the smartphone? 

To Place your Jio Phone SIM in your Smartphone, first you need to take out the same from your JIO phone. For that, you need to open your jio phone back cover and remove the battery. After removing the Battery, you will see a JIO’s SIM Card there, just take it out. Now coming to your smartphone, use the SIM injection pin and take out the SIM tray, and place your JIO’s SIM card in it.

Methods – How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

Now, to use your Jio’s SIM Card in any android or IOS Smartphone, we have 2 methods. Each method is different from others. You can use anyone, which you feel more comfortable and easy to perform. Below are the methods –

  • By Activating Smartphone Plan in JIO SIM
  • BY Porting your JIO SIM to other service provider.

These are the methods that you can try for converting your Jio SIM. So now coming to the step-by-step guide.

Step by Step Guide – How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

Total Time: 10 minutes

Take Out Your Jio SIM from your Jio Phone

In the first step, you need to take out your JIO SIM card from your Jio Phone.
➼ For Which you have to open your Jio Phone’s back cover & remove its battery. After removing the battery, you will see a SIM card slot, and there, you need to remove the pre-inserted JIO sim card.

Now insert JIO SIM Card into your Smartphone

In the Second Step, you need to insert your Jio SIM card (Which we had removed from your Jio Phone) into your Smartphone.
➼ For Which you need to use a SIM card injecting tool to take out the SIM card tray from your Smartphone. After get’s the sim card slot, place your JIo Sim card and place back it’s SIM card tray with the Jio Sim card.

Step three, you need to go to My jio App

Now, go to the My Jio App to activate your JIO Sim card for Smartphone use.
➼ For Which you need to download the My Jio App on your Smartphone no matter whether it is an Android Smartphone or ios iPhone.

Here you need to Recharge your Sim Card Number with Prime Pack

In the Fourth, Step you need to recharge your Jio SIM card number with the Prime pack through the My Jio Pack.
➼ For Which you need to recharge your jio sim card number with a Rupees 99 Plan. This 99 Rupees recharge can be only done by the My Jio app.

All Done, Your Jio SIM card is active for your Smartphone

After a Successful recharge of the prime pack, your Jio Phone’s SIM card will be activated for use on your Smartphone.

Note – Remember that you Can not use the same recharge plan which you followed on your Jio Phone. For using that SIM card in Smartphone you need’s to change your Recharge plan to access the internet and outgoing call facility for your Smartphone.
So Do not trust anyone who says that you can use your jio phone sim on the smartphone with the existing plan, Be aware.

How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone by porting your SIM Card

How to activate JIO phone sim on a smartphone? 

To active your JIO Phone SIM on a Smartphone just go through the following steps –

  • Step 1. Double-check that your phone supports dual sims or you may need to get a new phone.
  • Step 2. If it does, it should ask for the number 1 SIM Card Slot and for it to be entered as the primary SIM card, and then your unused 1 Sim card slot in the secondary slot (the one you removed) will automatically be connected as a secondary SIM and will allow for 3G/4G data use on your JIOPhone with only one plan of data usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Jio Phone Sim be used in other phones?

Yes, you can use your Jio Phone Sim in other Phones just by recharging your Jio Phone number with Prime Pack or by Porting your number to another Service provider like Airtel, Vi, Bsnl, or any other.

Can Jio SIM work on the 3G phone for calling?

No, jio SIm doesn’t work on the 3G phones as jio provides only 4G services. Hence you can’t use your jio Sim on 3G phones.

Conclusion on How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

In the Conclusion on How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone, we just want to say that if you want to use your Jio Phone SIm in your Smartphone. Then you don’t need to worry as above we had discussed 2 easiest and 100% successful ways on How to use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone.

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