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Transport Name in English

S No.Transport Name
3.Cargo ship
4.Compact car
5.Conestoga wagon
7.Crop duster
8.Delivery van
9.Dump truck
12.Funicular railway
14.Garbage truck
15.Hot rod
17.Ice Boat
18.Jet Pack
24.Ocean liner
25.Oil tanker
26.Rail way
27.Sail boat
28.Ski lift

Modes of Transport

Modes of Transport

Air Ways

A Few Examples of Air Ways are –

  • Passenger Airplane
  • Jet
  • Transport Airplane

Water Ways

A Few Examples of Water Ways are –

  • Seal Ship
  • Passenger Ship
  • Cruise ship

Road Ways

A Few Examples of Road Ways are –

  • Car
  • Bus
  • Bike

Transport Name Example with Sentence

Transport Name


Car - Transport Name

He has 8 Cars, But he never show off.


Bike - Transport name

My father Gifted Me Bike on the 19th Birthday.


Bus - Transport Name

We Visit Temple in Bus.


Cycle - Transport Name

Let’s go for a Cycle Ride.


Airplane - Transport Name

We Travelled India to United States of America by Airplane.


Ship - Transport Name

My Friend is going to cross Pacific by Ship.


Railway - Transport Name

Railway is much affordable then Airplane.


Crane - Transport Name

His father is a Crane Driver.


Boat - Transport name

Me and My Friend is Planning to make a Boat by ourselves.

Hot Air Balloon

Hot air Balloon - Transport Name

Me and My family is Planning to Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride this Week.

Transportation Names List

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What are the 5 types of transportation?

The 5 modes of Transportation are:-
1. Road Transport – Car, Bus, Bike, Scooter, Jeep, Crane and more.
2. Rail Transport – Passenger Train, Bullet Train and more.
3. Water Transport – Ship, Boat, Water Bike, Seal Ship and more.
4. Air Transport – Airplane, Jet Plane, Transportation Plane and more.
5. Intermodal┬áTransport – Truck, Pickup Truck and more.

Can you name some means of transport?

The Different Means of Transportation are Car, Bus, Bike, Boat, Airplane, Ship, Truck, Pickup Truck, Garbage Truck, Water Bike Train, Railway and more.

What is the name of land transport?

Some different land transport are Car, Bus, Bike, Truck, Garbage Truck, Truck, Train and more.

What is the name of Water Transport?

Some different Water Transport are Boat, Ship, Cruse Ship, Cargo Ships, Tankers, Sub Marine, Army Ships, Water Bike and more.

What is the name of Air Transport?

Some different Air Transport are airplanes, jet aircraft, helicopters, hot air balloons, blimps, gliders, hang gliders, parachutes and more.

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