30+ Water animals name with Pictures

Want to Learn Water animals Name in English, but does have Book with you, then this web Page is Right for You. As here in this Article we are going though Aquatic Animals or Sea animals name 30+ Water animals name that you can learn and Write on your School note book.

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Water animals name

Sr No.Water animals ImageWater Animals Name
3.Gold fishGold Fish
6.Water TurtelWater turtle
7.Sea horseSeahorse
8.Walrus Walrus
13.Jelly fishJellyfish
23.Sea urchin
27.Sea anemone
28.Sea turtle
29.Sea lion
Water animals name

Water animals name with Pictures

Water animals name

Gold Fish

Gold Fish

The Gold Fist, also known as Golden Colored Fish is one of the most beautiful and common aquatic animal. It is Commonly Preferred as a aquatic fish pet. Gold fish lives in fresh water such as aquatic tanks, fresh lakes, fresh water ponds and more.

Sentence – My Father gifted a gold fish bowl, on my birthday.



The Crab also known as True Crab are fresh water and land animal. They are commonly found near to sea areas such as beaches and other. Crab has 8 Walking legs and 2 grasping claws in front. It have a very think layer on his body that protect it from other animals.

Sentence – A crab scuttled away under a rock as we passed.

Star Fish


The Star fish or Sea Star fish are in Star shape and are commonly found under the sea or sometimes above the sea (on Land). The name of Star Fish, comes from its shape as its in a Star Shape. These Star fish are found in a variety number of Colors, Different Shapes and different sizes.

Sentence – Me and My father cough a Star Fish during fishing.

Jelly Fish

Jelly fish

Jelly Fish and sea jellies comes from the marine family. It comes in free shapes but commonly looks like a Jelly, that why they named as Jelly Fish. Jelly Fish is one of the immortals creature of the earth, as they are living since the dinosaurs lived on earth.

Sentence – Some types of Jelly Fish are very poisonous.



Octopus are one of the famous water animal known for its 8 long legs. Their are over 300 species of octopus found till now. An octopus has 2 Eyes and 3 hearts. It have a very soft and a flexible body, which allows it to go through any small to small hole or area.

Sentence – An Octopus have 8 legs and three heart, which makes it different from other water animals.


Shark come under the top most dangerous water animals name. It is also one of the biggest Sea animal found in the Ocean. Shark generally have a life spam of 20 – 30 Years. Sharks eat other water animals such as Fishes and other small water creatures.

Sentence – Last night, I watched a movie in which Shark had attacked in a Ship of tourist.


Water Turtel

Turtle or tortoise comes under the Species of Reptiles. Turtle have a Hard Shel on their body, which protects them from other animals. As if other animal attack on Turtle, it get back into its shell and protect himself. They also come under one of the longest living Sea animal names with a general life spam of 10 – 80 Years.

Sentence – Turtles have a very strong bite power.

Sea Horse

Sea horse

Sea Horse are one of the beautiful Water animal. The name denoted to Sea Horse comes from their looks as they look like real horse which gives it a name of Sea Horse. They are also very slow moving Sea animals with a speed of 1.5 meters per hour.

Sentence – A sea horse looks like a Horse which does not run but swims,

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