30+ Wild Animals Name

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What are Wild Animals?

Wild Animals or WildLife Generally Refers to the Non-Domestic animals species or the animals who have lived without the interaction of Human Beings. Wild animals are found in every part of our ecosystem, such as Deserts, Forests, Rainforests, grasslands and more areas. The Most Common Characteristic Found in wild animals is that they does not rely on human beings for food, shelter and more, they find food by own or hunt other animals for food.

Types of Wild Animals

Their are 4 Types or we can say there are four variety of Wild animals i.e., mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, and amphibians.

Wild Animals Name list from A to Z

S No.Wild Animals Name

Wild Animal Names with Pictures

1. Lions


The Lions are the King of Jungle.

2. Tigers

Tiger - Wild Animals Name

The Tigers are the biggest wild animal in the Cat family.

3. Elephant

Elephant - Wild Animals Name

The Elephant is the Largest Living Land animal.

4. Giraffe

Giraffe - Wild Animals Name

The Giraffe has a very long neck.

5. Bear

Bear - Wild Animals Name

No one, should see into Bear’s Eye.

6. Zebra

Zebra - Wild Animals Name

The Zebra is a Wild African horse, which has White and Black Colored Strips on his body.

7. Panda

Panda - Wild Animals Name

The Panda is Very Shy as well as Cute.

8. Gorila

Gorilla - Wild Animals Name

The Gorila are very dangerous.

9. Monkey

Monkey - Wild Animals Name

The baby Monkeys are very cute and incent.

10. Wolf

Wolf - Wild Animals Name

A Wolf was Howling on a full moon night.

11. Kangaroo

Kangaroo - Wild Animals Name

Have you ever Seen a Kangaroo?

12. Deer

Deer - Wild Animals Name

The Deers are very beautiful.

13. Fox

Fox - Wild Animals Name

He is cunning as a fox.

14. Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee - Wild Animals Name

The Chimpanzee climber a Bar with no fear.

15. Raccoon

Racoon - Wild Animals Name

Have you ever seen a Racoon Before?

16. Jaguar

Jaguar - Wild Animals Name

The Golden Eyes of Jaguar looks very horor.

17. Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros - Wild Animals Name

The Rhinoceros are very big creature of God.

18. Chipmunk

Chipmunk - Wild Animals Name

The striped-tailed, fluffy chipmunk filled his puffy cheeks with acorns and scurried back to burrow his future meal.

19. Wombat

Wombat - Wild Animals Name

Have you ever seen a Wombat before?

20. Bison

Bison - Wild Animals Name

Have you ever Seen a Bison Before.

Indian Wild Animals Name List

  1. Lion
  2. Tiger
  3. Elephant
  4. Giraffe
  5. Bear
  6. Gorilla
  7. Panda
  8. Zebra
  9. Monkey
  10. Wolf
  11. Kangaroo
  12. Hippopotamus
  13. Deer
  14. Fox
  15. Koala
  16. Yak
  17. Chimpanzee
  18. Hedgehog
  19. Antelope
  20. Squirrel
  21. Mole
  22. Reindeer
  23. Armadillo
  24. Raccoon
  25. Jaguar

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FAQs on Wild Animal Name

What are the 10 wild animals names?

The 10 different wild animals names are Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Giraffe, Bear, Gorilla, Panda, Zebra , Monkey and Wolf.

What are five wild animals?

The Five Wild animals names are Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Giraffe and Zebra.

Is Cat a Wild Animal?

No, Cat is not a Wild animal, but some special of Cat like Tigers are wild animal.

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